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Prof. Olivier Renaudet

Batiment Nanobio
Phone: +33 (0) 4 56 52 08 33

Research Profile

Carbohydrate chemistry, peptide chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, chemoselective ligation, glyco-cluster/dendrimer, synthetic vaccine, carbohydrate-protein interactions, multivalency

Short CV

Scientific career

Since 2012: Full Professor, UJF Grenoble
2011: Habilitation à diriger les recherches, UJF Grenoble
2011: Junior member of the Institut Universitaire de France
2004: Assistant Professor, UJF Grenoble
2003: Postdoc, UJF Grenoble (Group: Prof. P. Dumy)
2002: Postdoc, University of Bern, Switzerland (Group: Prof. J.-L. Reymond)
2002: PhD in Molecular Chemistry, UJF Grenoble (Group: Prof. P. Dumy)

Scientific production

71 international peer-reviewed publications (including 9 book chapters)
Co-editor of the E-book “Synthesis and biological applications of glycoconjugates”, 2011, Bentham Science Publishers Ltd., eISBN: 978-1-60805-277-6
Guest-editor of the themed issue “Multivalent scaffolds in glycosciences”, Chem. Soc. Rev. 2013, Vol. 42
73 communications (including 16 invited lectures) at national/international scientific events

Main responsabilities

2013-present: In charge of the innovation pole of nanotechnology Nanobio Grenoble Alpes
2013-present: Member of the HDR commission of the Doctoral School in chemistry and life science of the University of Grenoble
2013-present: Member of the research commission of the Chemistry/Biology Department Council of the University of Grenoble
2012-present: Member of the regional plenary council of the Academic Research Community (ARC1 Santé – Molécules bioactives)
2011-present: Substitute member of the management committee of the European framework COST CM1102 “Multivalent Glycosystems for Nanoscience”
2008-present: Editorial board member of Open Glycoscience, Curr. Org. Chem. and Int. J. Org. Chem.
2008-present: In charge of the 3rd year of the Licence Degree Chemistry-Biology

Publications 2018

Total 0

Publications 2017

Total 8

Carlo Pifferi, Gour Chand Daskhan, Michele Fiore, Tze Chieh Shiao, René Roy and Olivier Renaudet
Aminooxylated Carbohydrates: Synthesis and Applications
CHEM REV, Juillet 2017, n/c, n/c [0009-2665] 10.1021/acs.chemrev.6b00733 more...
Antoine Hoang, Eugénie Laigre, David Goyard, Eric Defrancq, Françoise Vinet, Pascal Dumy and Olivier Renaudet
An oxime-based glycocluster microarray
ORG BIOMOL CHEM, Janvier 2017, 14, 5135-5139 [1477-0520] 10.1039/c7ob00889a more...
Richard E., Pifferi C., Fiore M., Samain E., Le Gouëllec A., Fort S., Renaudet O. and Priem B.
Chemobacterial Synthesis of a Sialyl-Tn Cyclopeptide Vaccine Candidate.
CHEMBIOCHEM, Juin 2017, n/c, n/c [1439-4227] 10.1002/cbic.201700240 more...
Carlo Pifferi, Nathalie Berthet and Olivier Renaudet
Cyclopeptide scaffolds in carbohydrate-based synthetic vaccines
BIOMATER SCI-UK, Janvier 2017, 5, 953-965 [2047-4830] 10.1039/C7BM00072C more...
Carlo Pifferi, Baptiste Thomas, David Goyard, Nathalie Berthet and Olivier Renaudet
Heterovalent Glycodendrimers as Epitope Carriers for Antitumor Synthetic Vaccines
CHEM-EUR J, Octobre 2017, in press, in press [0947-6539] 10.1002/chem.201702708 more...
Silvia Fallarini, Alvaro Brittoli, Michele Fiore, Grazia Lombardi, Olivier Renaudet, Barbara Richichi and Cristina Nativi
Immunological characterization of a rigid α-Tn mimetic on murine iNKT and human NK cells
GLYCOCONJUGATE J, Juin 2017, 34, 553-562 [0282-0080] 10.1007/s10719-017-9775-6 more...
O. Renaudet
Meet our Editorial Board Member
CURR ORG CHEM, Janvier 2017, 20, 629 [1875-5348] 10.2174/138527282006160201121741 more...
Carlo Pifferi, David Goyard, Emilie Gillon, Anne Imberty and Olivier Renaudet
Synthesis of Mannosylated Glycodendrimers and Evaluation against BC2L-A Lectin from Burkholderia Cenocepacia
CHEMPLUSCHEM, Novembre 2017, 22 (3), 390-398 [2192-6506] 10.1002/cplu.201600569 more...

Publications 2016

Total 3

M. Monestier, P. Charbonnier, C. Gateau, M. Cuillel, F. Robert, C. Lebrun, E. Mintz, O. Renaudet and P. Delangle
ASGPR-mediated uptake of multivalent glycoconjugates for drug delivery in hepatocytes
CHEMBIOCHEM, Mars 2016, 17, 590-594 [1439-4227] 10.1002/cbic.201600023 more...
Ribeiro J.P., Pau W., Pifferi C., Renaudet O., Varrot A., Mahal L.K. and Imberty A.
Characterization of a high-affinity sialic acid-specific CBM40 from Clostridium perfringens and engineering of a divalent form.
BIOCHEM J, Juillet 2016, n/a, n/a [1470-8728] 10.1042/BCJ20160340 more...
G. C. Daskhan, C. Pifferi and O. Renaudet
Synthesis of new series of sialylated homo- and heterovalent glycoclusters using orthogonal ligations
CHEMISTRYOPEN, Juillet 2016, n.c., n.c. [2191-1363] 10.1002/open.201600062 more...

Publications 2015

Total 4

Thomas, B. , , Fiore, M. , Daskhan, G.C. , Spinelli, N. and Renaudet, O.
A multi-ligation strategy for the synthesis of heterofunctionalized glycosylated scaffold
CARBOHYD RES, Janvier 2015, 51, 5436-5439 [0008-6215] 10.1039/c4cc05451b more...
Thomas, B. , Pifferi, C. , Daskhan, G.C. , Fiore, M. , Berthet, N. and Renaudet, O.
Divergent and convergent synthesis of GalNAc-conjugated dendrimers using dual orthogonal ligations
ORG BIOMOL CHEM, Janvier 2015, in press, in press [1477-0520] 10.1039/C5OB01870F more...
G. C. Daskhan, N. Berthet, B. Thomas, M. Fiore and O. Renaudet
Multivalent glycocyclopeptides: toward nano-sized glycostructures
CARBOHYD RES, Mars 2015, 405, 13-22 [0008-6215] 10.1016/j.carres.2014.07.017 more...
B. Richichi, G. Comito, O. Renaudet, M. Fiore, A. Marra, B. Stecca, L. Pasquato, P. Chiarugi and C. Nativi
Role of a Preorganized Scaffold Presenting Four Residues of a GM-3 Lactone Mimetic on Melanoma Progression
ACS MED CHEM LETT, Novembre 2015, 7, 28-33 [1948-5875] 10.1021/acsmedchemlett.5b00283 more...

Publications 2014

Total 7

Křenek K., Gažák R., Daskhan G. C., Garcia J., Fiore M., Dumy P., Šulc M., Křen V. and Renaudet O.
Access to bifunctionalized biomolecular platforms using oxime ligation.
CARBOHYD RES, Janvier 2014, asap, asap [0008-6215] 10.1016/j.carres.2014.04.020 more...
Fiore M., Berthet N., Renaudet O. and Barbier V.
New glycopolymers as multivalent systems for lectin recognition.
MEDCHEMCOMM, Janvier 2014, asap, asap [2040-2503] 10.1039/C4MD00097H more...
Fiore M., Daskhan G. C., Thomes B. and Renaudet O.
Orthogonal dual thiol-chloroacetyl and thiol-ene couplings for the sequential one-pot assembly of heteroglycoclusters.
BEILSTEIN J ORG CHEM, Janvier 2014, accepté, accepté [1860-5397] 10.3762/bjoc.10.160 more...
Ulrich, S., Boturyn, D., Marra, A., Renaudet, O. and Dumy, P.
Oxime Ligation: A Chemoselective Click-Type Reaction for Accessing Multifunctional Biomolecular Constructs
CHEM-EUR J, Janvier 2014, 20, 34-41 [0947-6539] 10.1002/chem.201302426 more...
Rozbeský D., Krejzová J., Křenek K., Prchal J., Hrabal R., Košek M., Weignerová L., Fiore M., Dumy P., Renaudet O. and Křen V.
Re-Evaluation of Binding Properties of Recombinant Lymphocyte Receptors NKR-P1A and CD69 to Chemically Synthesized Glycans and Peptides.
INT J MOL SCI, Janvier 2014, 15, (1), 1271-1283 [1422-0067] 10.3390/ijms15011271 more...
Renaudet, O., Krenek, K., Bossu, I., Dumy, P., Kadek, A., Adamek, D., Vanek, O., Kavan, D., Gazak, R., Sulc, M., Bezouska, K. and Kren, V.
Synthesis of Multivalent Glycoconjugates Containing the Immunoactive LELTE Peptide: Effect of Glycosylation on Cellular Activation and Natural Killing by Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (Retraction of vol 132, pg 6800, 2010)
J AM CHEM SOC, Janvier 2014, 136, 1156-1156 [0002-7863] 10.1021/ja4081277 more...
Ghirardello M., Öberg K., Staderini S., Renaudet O., Berthet N., Dumy P., Hed Y., Marra A., Malkoch M. and Dondoni A.
Thiol-ene and thiol-yne-based synthesis of glycodendrimers as nanomolar inhibitors of wheat germ agglutinin.
J POLYM SCI POL CHEM, Janvier 2014, asap, asap [0887-624X] 10.1002/pola.27262 more...

Publications 2013

Total 9

Ulrich, S., Dumy, P., Boturyn, D. and Renaudet, O.
Engineering of biomolecules for sensing and imaging applications
J DRUG DELIV SCI TEC, Janvier 2013, 23, 5-15 [1773-2247] 10.1016/S1773-2247(13)50001-3 more...
Thomas, Baptiste, Berthet, Nathalie, Garcia, Julian, Dumy, Pascal and Renaudet, Olivier
Expanding the scope of oxime ligation: facile synthesis of large cyclopeptide-based glycodendrimers
CHEM COMMUN, Janvier 2013, 49, 10796-10798 [1359-7345] 10.1039/c3cc45368e more...
Berthet, Nathalie, Thomas, Baptiste, Bossu, Isabelle, Dufour, Emilie, Gillon, Emilie, Garcia, Julian, Spinelli, Nicolas, Imberty, Anne, Dumy, Pascal and Renaudet, Olivier
High affinity glycodendrimers for the lectin LecB from Pseudomonas aeruginosa
BIOCONJUGATE CHEM, Janvier 2013, 24, 1598-611 [1043-1802] 10.1021/bc400239m more...
Galan, M. C., Dumy, P. and Renaudet, O.
Multivalent glyco(cyclo)peptides
CHEM SOC REV, Janvier 2013, 42, 4599-4612 [0306-0012] 10.1039/c2cs35413f more...
Bernardi, A., Jimenez-Barbero, J., Casnati, A., De Castro, C., Darbre, T., Fieschi, F., Finne, J., Funken, H., Jaeger, K. E., Lahmann, M., Lindhorst, T. K., Marradi, M., Messner, P., Molinaro, A., Murphy, P. V., Nativi, C., Oscarson, S., Penades, S. and Peri
Multivalent glycoconjugates as anti-pathogenic agents
CHEM SOC REV, Janvier 2013, 42, 4709-4727 [0306-0012] 10.1039/c2cs35408j more...
Renaudet, O. and Roy, R.
Multivalent scaffolds in glycoscience: an overview
CHEM SOC REV, Janvier 2013, 42, 4515-4517 [0306-0012] 10.1039/c3cs90029k more...
Fiore, M., Thomas, B., Dulery, V., Dumy, P. and Renaudet, O.
Synthesis of multi-antigenic platforms as vaccine candidates against cancers
NEW J CHEM, Janvier 2013, 37, 286-289 [1144-0546] 10.1039/c2nj40972k more...
Fiore, Michele, Berthet, Nathalie, Marra, Alberto, Gillon, Emilie, Dumy, Pascal, Dondoni, Alessandro, Imberty, Anne and Renaudet, Olivier
Tetravalent glycocyclopeptide with nanomolar affinity to wheat germ agglutinin
ORG BIOMOL CHEM, Janvier 2013, 11, 7113-7122 [1477-0520] 10.1039/c3ob41203b more...
Marra, Alberto, Staderini, Samuele, Berthet, Nathalie, Dumy, Pascal, Renaudet, Olivier and Dondoni, Alessandro
Thiyl Glycosylation of Propargylated Octasilsesquioxane: Synthesis and Lectin-Binding Properties of Densely Glycosylated Clusters on a Cubic Platform
EUR J ORG CHEM, Janvier 2013, , 1144-1149 [1434-193X] 10.1002/ejoc.201201453 more...

Publications 2012

Total 2

Lo Conte, Mauro, Staderini, Samuele, Chambery, Angela, Berthet, Nathalie, Dumy, Pascal, Renaudet, Olivier, Marra, Alberto and Dondoni, Alessandro
Glycoside and peptide clustering around the octasilsesquioxane scaffold via photoinduced free-radical thiol-ene coupling. The observation of a striking glycoside cluster effect
ORG BIOMOL CHEM, Janvier 2012, 10, 3269-3277 [1477-0520] 10.1039/c2ob07078b more...
Thomas, Baptiste, Fiore, Michele, Bossu, Isabelle, Dumy, Pascal and Renaudet, Olivier
Synthesis of heteroglycoclusters by using orthogonal chemoselective ligations
BEILSTEIN J ORG CHEM, Janvier 2012, 8, 421-427 [1860-5397] 10.3762/bjoc.8.47 more...

Publications 2011

Total 6

Galibert, M., Renaudet, O., Dumy, P. and Boturyn, D.
Access to Biomolecular Assemblies through One-Pot Triple Orthogonal Chemoselective Ligations
ANGEW CHEM INT EDIT, Janvier 2011, 50, 1901-1904 [1433-7851] 10.1002/anie.201006867 more...
Andre, Sabine, Renaudet, Olivier, Bossu, Isabelle, Dumy, Pascal and Gabius, Hans-Joachim
Cyclic neoglycodecapeptides: how to increase their inhibitory activity and selectivity on lectin/toxin binding to a glycoprotein and cells
J PEPT SCI, Janvier 2011, 17, 427-437 [1075-2617] 10.1002/psc.1338 more...
Bossu, Isabelle, Sulc, Miroslav, Krenek, Karel, Dufour, Emilie, Garcia, Julian, Berthet, Nathalie, Dumy, Pascal, Kren, Vladimir and Renaudet, Olivier
Dendri-RAFTs: a second generation of cyclopeptide-based glycoclusters
ORG BIOMOL CHEM, Janvier 2011, 9, 1948-1959 [1477-0520] 10.1039/c0ob00772b more...
Pujol, Anais M., Cuillel, Martine, Renaudet, Olivier, Lebrun, Colette, Charbonnier, Peggy, Cassio, Doris, Gateau, Christelle, Dumy, Pascal, Mintz, Elisabeth and Delangle, Pascale
Hepatocyte Targeting and Intracellular Copper Chelation by a Thiol-Containing Glycocyclopeptide
J AM CHEM SOC, Janvier 2011, 133, 286-296 [0002-7863] 10.1021/ja106206z more...
Bossu, Isabelle, Berthet, Nathalie, Dumy, Pascal and Renaudet, Olivier
Synthesis of Glycocyclopeptides by Click Chemistry and Inhibition Assays with Lectins
J CARBOHYD CHEM, Janvier 2011, 30, 458-468 [0732-8303] 10.1080/07328303.2011.590260 more...
Renaudet, Olivier, Philouze, Christian, Bailly, Corinne, Durif, Andre and Dumy, Pascal
X-Ray Structure of the Key Synthetic Intermediate of a Cancer-Related Sialyl-Tn Antigen Analogue
J CHEM CRYSTALLOGR, Janvier 2011, 41, 204-208 [1074-1542] 10.1007/s10870-010-9864-x more...

Publications 2010

Total 4

Galibert, Mathieu, Sancey, Lucie, Renaudet, Olivier, Coll, Jean-Luc, Dumy, Pascal and Boturyn, Didier
Application of click-click chemistry to the synthesis of new multivalent RGD conjugates
ORG BIOMOL CHEM, Janvier 2010, 8, 5133-5138 [1477-0520] 10.1039/c0ob00070a more...
Renaudet, O., Dasgupta, G., Bettahi, I., Shi, A., Nesburn, A. B., Dumy, P. and BenMohamed, L.
Linear and Branched Glyco-Lipopeptide Vaccines Follow Distinct Cross-Presentation Pathways and Generate Different Magnitudes of Antitumor Immunity
PLOS ONE, Janvier 2010, 5, [1932-6203] 10.1371/journal.pone.0011216 more...
Renaudet, Olivier, Garcia, Julian, Boturyn, Didier, Spinelli, Nicolas, Defrancq, Eric, Labbe, Pierre and Dumy, Pascal
Molecular engineering of biomolecules for nanobio-sciences
Int. J. Nanotechnol., Janvier 2010, 7, 738-752 [1475-7435] 10.1504/IJNT.2010.031742 more...
Renaudet, Olivier, Krenek, Karel, Bossu, Isabelle, Dumy, Pascal, Kadek, Alan, Adamek, David, Vanek, Ondrej, Kavan, Daniel, Gazak, Radek, Sulc, Miroslav, Bezouska, Karel and Kren, Vladimir
Synthesis of Multivalent Glycoconjugates Containing the Immunoactive LELTE Peptide: Effect of Glycosylation on Cellular Activation and Natural Killing by Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells
J AM CHEM SOC, Janvier 2010, 132, 6800-6808 [0002-7863] 10.1021/ja101296t more...

Publications 2009

Total 3

Bettahi, I., Dasgupta, G., Renaudet, O., Chentoufi, A. A., Zhang, X. L., Carpenter, D., Yoon, S., Dumy, P. and BenMohamed, L.
Antitumor activity of a self-adjuvanting glyco-lipopeptide vaccine bearing B cell, CD4(+) nd CD8(+) T cell epitopes
CANCER IMMUNOL IMMUN, Janvier 2009, 58, 187-200 [0340-7004] 10.1007/s00262-008-0537-y more...
Renaudet, O., Boturyn, D. and Dumy, P.
Biomolecular assembly by iterative oxime ligations
BIOORG MED CHEM LETT, Janvier 2009, 19, 3880-3883 [0960-894X] 10.1016/j.bmcl.2009.03.119 more...
Dolphin, G. T., Renaudet, O., Ouberai, M., Dumy, P., Garcia, J. and Reymond, J. L.
Phenolic Oxime Oligomers Inhibit Alzheimer s Amyloid Fibril Formation and Disaggregate Fibrils In Vitro
CHEMBIOCHEM, Janvier 2009, 10, 1325-1329 [1439-4227] 10.1002/cbic.200900044 more...

Publications 2008

Total 10

dulery v., uhlich, nicolas a., maillard, noelie, fluxa, viviana s.,garcia j.,dumy p.,renaudet o., reymond, jean-louis,darbre tamis
A cyclodecapeptide ligand to vitamin B12.
ORG BIOMOL CHEM, Janvier 2008, 6, 4134-4141 [1477-0520] 10.1039/b811234g more...
renaudet o.,dumy p.
A fully solid-phase synthesis of biotinylated glycoclusters.
Open Glycosci., Janvier 2008, 1, 1-7 [1875-3981] 10.2174/1875398100801010001 more...
svahn, mathias g., rabe, kersten s., barger, geoffrey, el-andaloussi, samir, simonson, oscar e., didier, boturyn, olivier, renaudet,dumy p., branden, lars j., niemeyer, christof m., smith, c. i. edvard.
High-Throughput Identification of Combinatorial Ligands for DNA Delivery in Cell Culture.
AIP Conf. Proc., Janvier 2008, 1062, 73-88 [0094-243X] 10.1063/1.3012306 more...
renaudet o.,dumy p.
Oxime-based synthesis of new chromogenic and fluorogenic oligosaccharides.
EUR J ORG CHEM, Janvier 2008, , 5383-5386 [1434-193X] 10.1002/ejoc.200800855 more...
wilczewski m.,van-der-heyden a.,renaudet o.,dumy p.,coche-guerente liliane.,labbe p.
Promotion of sugar-lectin recognition through the multiple sugar presentation offered by regioselectively addressable functionalized templates (RAFT): a QCM-D and SPR study.
ORG BIOMOL CHEM, Janvier 2008, 6, 1114-1122 [1477-0520] 10.1039/b716214f more...
boturyn d.,defrancq e.,dolphin g.,garcia j.,labbe p.,renaudet o.,dumy p.
RAFT Nano-constructs: surfing to biological applications.
J PEPT SCI, Janvier 2008, 14, 224-240 [1075-2617] 10.1002/psc.964 more...
dulery v.,renaudet o.,wilczewski m.,van-der-heyden a.,labbe p.,dumy p.
Randomized Combinatorial Library of Hetero-glyco-clusters (hGC).
J COMB CHEM, Janvier 2008, 10, 368-371 [1520-4766] 10.1021/cc800029v more...
renaudet o.
Recent advances on cyclopeptide-based glycoclusters.
Mini-Rev. Org. Chem., Janvier 2008, 5, 274-286 [1570-193X] 10.2174/157019308786242142 more...
dendane nabil,hoang antoine,renaudet o.,vinet francoise,dumy p.,defrancq e.
Surface patterning of (bio)molecules onto the inner wall of fused-silica capillary tubes.
LAB CHIP, Janvier 2008, 8, 2161-2163 [1473-0189] 10.1039/B811786A more...
renaudet o.,benmohamed lbachir,dasgupta gargi,bettahi ilham,dumy p.
Towards a self-adjuvanting multivalent B and T cell epitope containing synthetic glycolipopeptide cancer vaccine.
CHEMMEDCHEM, Janvier 2008, 3, 737-741 [1860-7179] 10.1002/cmdc.2007003115 more...

Publications 2007

Total 4

dulery v.,renaudet o.,philouze c.,dumy p.
alpha and beta -Fucopyranosyl oxyamines: key intermediates for the preparation of fucose-containing glycoconjugates by oxime ligation.
CARBOHYD RES, Janvier 2007, 342, 894-900 [0008-6215] 10.1016/j.carres.2007.02 more...
dulery v.,renaudet o.,dumy p.
Ethoxyethylidene protecting group prevents N-overacylation in aminooxy peptide synthesis.
TETRAHEDRON, Janvier 2007, 63, 11952-11958 [0040-4020] 10.1016/j.tet.2007.09.01 more...
darbre tamis,johansson emma,renaudet o.,reymond jean-louis,kolomiets elena
Neoglycopeptide Dendrimer Libraries as a Source of Lectn Binding Ligands
ORG LETT, Janvier 2007, 9, 1465-1468 [1523-7060] 10.1021/ol070119d more...
laudet b..,barette c.,dulery v.,renaudet o.,dumy p.,metz a.,prudent r.,deshiere a.,dideberg o.,filhol o.,cochet c.
Structure-based design of small peptide inhibitors of protein kinase CK2 subunit interaction.
BIOCHEM J, Janvier 2007, 408, 363-373 [0264-6021] 10.1042/BJ20070825 more...