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Dr. Jérôme DEJEU

Assisitant Professor
Office : Nanobio 110
Phone : +33 (0) 4 56 52 08 13
Fax : +33 (0) 4 56 52 08 03
E-mail :

Research Profile

Research area: Physical chemistry of surfaces and interfaces, biofunctionnal interfaces, Biomolecular Interaction, SPR signal Modeling

Current research focused on the Biomolecular Interaction Characterisation by Biacore, AFM (Atomic Froce Microscopy) and QCM (Quartz Crystal Microbalance).

Research approaches include: a) study of interaction between molecule immobilized on the surface and an analyte, b) development of model to better understand the interaction mechanism and to determine the structural parameter of the interaction.

Project involved

  • ANR Ecstase (2011-2015) : Rational design of a sensitive and enantiospecific electrocatalytically-amplified aptasensor for amphetamine derivatives drugs
  • ANR Forcell (2013-2016) : Influence of the substrate-ligand interaction strength on cell adhesion
  • ANR Mimobody (2014-2017) : Design and synthesis of antibody mimics
  • ANR Multicom (2014-2018) : Conception and characterisation of multi-responsive molecular films incorporating photochromic units and metal complexes

Short CV

Since 2012 : Assistant Professor, UJF Grenoble
2008-20012: Post-Doc, FEMTO-ST Institute (Dr. M. Gauthier)
2007-2008: Attaché temporaire d'enseignement et de recherches
2007: PhD, Univ. Franche-Comté (Pr. A. Foissy)

Publications 2017

G. Piraux, L. Bar, M. Abraham, T. Lavergne, H. Jamet, J. Dejeu, L. Marcélis, E. Defrancq, B. Elias and Chemistry
New Ruthenium-based probes for selective G-quadruplex targeting
CHEM-EUR J, Juin 2017, n/c, n/c [0947-6539] 10.1002/chem.201702076 more...
Laureen Bonnat, Laure Bar, Béatrice Génnaro, Hugues Bonnet, Olivier Jarjayes, Fabrice Thomas, Jérome Dejeu, Eric Defrancq and Thomas Lavergne
Template-Mediated Stabilization of a DNA G-Quadruplex formed in the HIV-1 Promoter and Comparative Binding Studies
CHEM-EUR J, Avril 2017, 23, 5602-5613 [0947-6539] 10.1002/chem.201700417 more...

Publications 2016

Dejeu, J., Lavergne, T., Della Nora, J., Defrancq, E. and Pratviel
Binding of metalloporphyrins to G-quadruplex DNA: The role of the central metal
INORG CHIM ACTA, Février 2016, in press, in press [0020-1693] 10.1016/j.ica.2016.02.007 more...
L. Lecarme, E. Prado, A. DeRache, M.-L. Nicolau-Travers, G. Gellon, J. Dejeu, T. Lavergne, H. Jamet, D. Gomez, J.-L. Mergny, E. Defrancq, O. Jarjayes and F. Thomas
Efficient Inhibition of Telomerase by Nickel–Salophen Complexes
CHEMMEDCHEM, Mai 2016, 11, 1133-1136 [1860-7187] 10.1002/cmdc.201600171 more...
Bonnat, L., Dejeu, J., Bonnet, H., Génnaro, B., Jarjayes, O., Thomas, F., Lavergne T. and Defrancq, E.
Templated Formation of Discrete RNA and DNA:RNA Hybrid G-Quadruplexes and Their Interactions with Targeting Ligands
CHEM-EUR J, Janvier 2016, 22, 3139-3147 [1521-3765] 10.1002/chem.201504351 more...

Publications 2015

Sabater, L., Fang, P.-J., Chang, C.-F., De Rache, A., Prado, E., Dejeu, J., Garofalo, A., Lin, J.-H., Mergny, J.-L., Defrancq, E. and Pratviel, G.
Cobalt(III)porphyrin to target G-quadruplex DNA
DALTON T, Janvier 2015, 44, 3701–3707 [1477-9226] 10.1039/c4dt03631j more...
Flack T1, Constantin T1, Penasse S1, Dejeu J1, Gennaro B1, Jourdan M1, Laguerre A2, Pirrotta M2, Monchaud D2, Spinelli N3 and Defrancq E1.
Prefolded Synthetic G-Quartets Display Enhanced Bioinspired Properties
CHEM-EUR J, Décembre 2015, 22(5), 1760-1767 [0947-6539] 10.1002/chem.201504572 more...
Osypova, A., Thakar, D., Dejeu, J., Bonnet, H., Van der Heyden, A., Dubacheva, G. V., Richter, R. P., Defrancq, E., Spinelli, N., Coche-Guérente, L. and Labbé P.
Sensor Based on Aptamer Folding to Detect Low-Molecular Weight Analytes
ANAL CHEM, Janvier 2015, 87, 7566-7574 [1520-6882] 10.1021/acs.analchem.5b00341 more...
Sabater, L., Nicolau-Travers, M.-L., De Rache, A., Prado, E., Dejeu, J., Bombarde, O., Lacroix, J., Calsou, P., Defrancq, E., Mergny, J.-L., Gomez, D. and Pratviel, G.
The nickel(II) complex of guanidinium phenyl porphyrin, a specific G-quadruplex ligand, targets telomeres and leads to POT1 mislocalization in culture cells
J BIOL INORG CHEM, Janvier 2015, in press, in press [1432-1327] 10.1007/s00775-015-1260-8 more...

Publications 2014

Thakar D., Coche-Guérente L., Claron M., Wenk C. H. F., Dejeu J., Dumy P., Labbé P. and Boturyn D.
Redox-Driven Host–Guest Interactions Allow the Controlled Release of Captured Cells on RGD-Functionalized Surfaces.
CHEMBIOCHEM, Janvier 2014, 15, (3), 377-381 [1439-4227] 10.1002/cbic.201300636 more...

Publications 2013

Gauthier, Michael, Alvo, Sebastien, Dejeu, Jerome, Tamadazte, Brahim, Rougeot, Patrick and Regnier, Stephane
Analysis and Specificities of Adhesive Forces Between Microscale and Nanoscale
Ieee Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, Janvier 2013, 10, 562-570 [1545-5955] 10.1109/tase.2013.2248150 more...